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70 swimsuits for every body type

Summer is here and if you're still on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit, we've just complete your search. Victoria's Secret Angels' bums: the best in show Stylish summer Espadrilles High street edit: under $100


Cat adopts ophaned pit bull puppy

When Cleveland's Animal Protective League found a one-day-old pit bull puppy on their doorstep, they struggled to think how he was going to survive without a mother to nurse him. Assassin snail takes out hermit crab Tiny creatures as you've never seen before Lord Howe Island: nature haven


Here's what 200 calories of your favourite Christmas foods looks like

Unsurprisingly (and unfortunately), many of our beloved Christmas treats are loaded with sugar and fat and it's hard to reign it in when you're feeling merry. Llama antibodies could fight HIV What to know before you switch to Paleo Can you breathe yourself skinny?


Google's most searched cocktails 2014

Australians have been known to enjoy the occasional cocktail and when Google released their trends report for 2014 we learned a little bit about what drinks you want to make the most. Burger King Japan is going to do fondue burgers Hampers for hunkering down over Christmas Gourmet Traveller pop-up restaurant 2015


Celebrity trend: Lacquered-back locks

From crops to lobs to long-ponytails, celebrities are opting to brush back their 'dos with a dose of high-shine. Grease, apparently, is the word. Party beauty looks you can do yourself 13 Christmas nail art tutorials you NEED in your festive life Chanel confirms new make-up and colour designer


The beginners' guide to sleep

While you're learning to be a mum, your baby's developing basic skills, too — like how to go sleep and stay asleep. 20 gift ideas for kids this Christmas Family favourite Christmas movies Easy DIY Christmas decorations