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V8 Supercars

Wilson Security 500
Friday, September 12 — Sunday, September 14


Inside Madonna's fashionable 56th birthday party

Held in Cannes, the party was 20s themed and saw her A-list friends, such as Kate Moss, Givenchy's Ricardo Tisci, photographers Mert&Marcus and even her family get into the groove with the iconic star - who was wearing Australian designer Johanna Johnson, no less. How to dress for a sea change Jessica Gomes on style and wardrobe favourites 10 highest paid supermodels


Cringe-worthy breakups in Hollywood

No matter how many outrageously-awkward breakups occur in Hollywood, actors never seem to learn to not fish off the company pier. We've compiled some of the most awkward. Boy reacts to news of another sister Man catches stingray while it gives birth Rescued dog snuggles her human for first time


Hand sanitisers don't stop kids getting sick: study

Using hand sanitisers in classrooms doesn't reduce the number of sick days kids have, according to New Zealand researchers who compared schools that used them with schools that didn't. Virginity pledges cause sex confusion after marriage Children with autism have too many brain synapses Mums who don't breastfeed have double the risk of postnatal depression


2015 GT Restaurant Guide: The Top 100

Every restaurant listed in our 2015 Australian Restaurant Guide should offer a winning dining experience; any that achieve a placement in the Top 100 represent a higher order of excellence. Research finds mushrooms a satisfying, healthy beef substitute Early spring recipes Rare rice recipes you've never tried


Is dandruff ruining your dating life

Although the topic of personal hygiene may not be the sexiest subject, scalp conditions and dandruff can't be swept under the rug (figuratively of course). The simple reason being: no one likes a flaky date. Horse shampoo is apparently amazing 19 things you're forgetting to do to your face Beauty for your boobs