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Top 20 Hollywood hero countdown

By Shyamla Eswaran
Sunday, November 23, 2008
Top 20 Hollywood hero countdown
Looking back in style: Hollywood heroes
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In celebration of the Hollywood trend set to roll out in OPSM stores this summer, In the frame counts down Tinseltown's greatest Hollywood heroes from 20 to 1.

Just like men's eyewear for the summer season, In the frame's Hollywood heroes have been selected for their classic style, ultra-chic performance and legendary appearance. See if your favourite Hollywood hero made the top spot.

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>>Your say: did we miss your favourite Hollywood hero? If so, tell us below!

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User comments
according to pictorial perspective matt damon is vigoros and having sturdy spirit in action!!!!!!!!!!
As per the article "Hollywood heroes have been selected for their classic style, ultra-chic performance and legendary appearance" They haven't stated that the heros where selected because of what type of parts they played eg Superhero was saves the day or villian, so why say someone like Leo out of Titanic isn't a hero? Obviously he reached the criteria that was set by the judges and is the type of "hero" they were looking for...
Leo? Huh? Lets face it the boat sank. The others well, they saved or changed the world in some for or another. Bring back MONKEY, TRIPITAKA,PIGSY and the like. LOL.
i think real heroes are those that are based on real life experiences. they just seem to be ignored because of all the "heroes" from spiderman, to superman, to batman, to iron man. titanic is pretty heroic. based on a true story, just with a made-up storyline to make it more interesting. just the fact they were able to save lives goes to show that. the sinking may have resulted in the deaths of about 1517 people, but there were 705 survivors. considering it took place in 1912, it's not that bad a result. it could have been worse. they could have all died. and they saved many children's lives in the process. it's great to see Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi made it up there, because of what he brought to the lives of so many. strived to make peace in the world. a non-violence world. i would have liked to see anne frank up there, leonidas, napoleon, pocahontas (really based on a true story), patch adams, joan or arc, erin brockovich...
I think Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird should definitely be in the top 20, if not number one. I dont think hes hot or sexy or anything, but hes ah heroic as anyone. Also, how is Leonardo Di Caprio heroic at ALL in Titanic?!?!?!? all he does is get a root for himself. haha
ong cant beleive it!! u forgot eric banna. soo totally hot and an aussie too! soo much hotter than GANDHI!!!
uum BATMAN shuld have been like 2nd or 1st..i mean everyone knows how gud looking he is and a gud and is the BEST at the role of BATMAN!!..soo that was my suggestion..!! BaTmAn - ChRiStiAn BaL3 is the HOTTEST and BEST bAtMaN 3v3r...i wanna see a batman 3 please please please but with christian bale in it still he is the onli batman i lurve...haha.. lUrV3 M3
where is Rocky in this selection beats bond guy a long way and why are'nt there any women on here. Geena davis in long kiss goodnight and angelina jolie in tomb raider and a lot of other women. Bunch of bull I reckon lots of women out there who r heros.
1 BATMAN 2 SPIDER MAN 3 WOLVERINE 4 SUPERMAN 5 JOHN HOWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 BORAT 7 ronnie radke 8 SANTA CLAUSE 10 TOM OFF MYSPACE =) top 10 c mon boysssssssssssssssss and girlssssssssssssssssss
Seriously, How can Leonardo Di Caprio be labeled as a Hero in Titanic....................come on people, there are many more heroic movie stars than that. I say Office John Maclain from Diehard for Number 1. Homersimpson should take up spot 20, as he did save Springfield in the movie.