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Jackson earned $900m in the year since his death — and he needs it

Michael Jackson performs at The Forum in Los Angles, 1989
Michael Jackson performs at The Forum in Los Angles, 1989
Getty Images

The cliché of death being the ultimate career move seems to rings true for Michael Jackson, as it has been estimated that the singer has made $892 million in the year since he died.

Love your work (from beyond the grave), Michael!

The megastar, who suffered a fatal heart attack on June 25, 2009, has far exceeded his earning power prior to his death as fans buy into his memory and various publishing deals are struck with his estate, the New York Daily News reported.

In the last year, Jackson has sold 8.9 million CDs in the US alone.

His 50 percent stake in the Sony/ATV music catalogue, which owns the rights to many songs by artists including the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Eminem, Akon and Bob Dylan, reportedly brought in $90 million.

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The figure also includes royalties from the documentary This Is It, recorded as he prepared for his "farewell" series of concerts in London, which never took place.

There is also a brand-new deal with Sony for the rights to so-far unreleased Jackson material, both new songs and un-heard demos from his back catalogue.

All this will be music to the ears of the executors of the Jackson estate who, despite having settled many of the singer's debts, are still struggling with a $340 million loan which is due later this year.

The deal, with Barclays PLC, is guaranteed by Jackson's Sony/ATV stake and discussions are being held between the Jackson executors and Sony about an agreement to refinance the debt to stop the catalogue falling into Barclays' hands, PerezHilton.com reported.

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Jackson is tipped to top Forbes magazine's ghoulish yearly Top-Earning Dead Celebrities list when it is released in October.

Last year the star came third on the strength of the $102 million he earned in first three months after his death. Broadway musical composers Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein were at number two with $268 million. Designer Yves Saint Laurent topped the list, raking in just under $400 million from the sale of his art collection, which included paintings by Picasso and Matisse.

Your say: What would you do if you had $900 million to spend? Share your thoughts below.

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User comments
good good
For me... a bottle of Bushmills, a box of Monte Cristo's and a seat in a highrollers room in Vegas !!! Oh and, Mr Dentes of Baulkham Hills, I guess you used a spreadsheet to work it out as well.... talk about control issues, were you toilet trained at gunpoint ?
I would keep 100million for myself and using some of that to give money to family and friends. I would open and organisation that deals with helping orphans live in good conditions while they are in the orphanage instead of having to wait for love from a family that could take years i would make sure to employ good-hearted women and men that will educate them...send them on school trips and make them feel just as loved as children in a family. We think adoption is the answer but how can it be when it is so hard to adopt some of these children? the key is to go the horse's mouth to disolve the problems. Put money straight into the orphanage's. I would maybe try and help out some aboriginal communities and put the kids through free education or college or afterschool activities that their family cannot afford. Oh oh, i would hire a personal trainer . I would do some t hings i never got to do or haven done yet - like tennis lessons, salsa dance lessons, karate lessons, piano lessons!
If I would have AUD$900 million available to me, I firstly would like to be anonymous. Money creates friends you didn’t have before. I would do the following. 1) I would create a foundation and bestow sufficient funds into it with me being the main person who signs the cheques for the selected charities. This way you personally know where the funds go and it also ensures that there are no misappropriate use of funds. 2) A portion I would use to assist family members as required. Again money creates family arguments as well as division. 3) The balance I would use to pay my debts, replace the two cars with the same brand as we currently have, plan and go on that long awaited trip, and continue to provide voluntary work in the community. Go about doing things as I have done quietly, but this time as a secret millionaire.
Well if I have that much money I just pay my mortgage of $300K and the rest of the money goes to a Charity not to organisation, I would like start my own and I know exactely how much been spend what goes where that will give me satisfaction, also I would like to buy house for my family so they don't have to rent for the rest of their life
If I would have $900 million AUD available to me I would do the following. 1) $450 million of the money will go to selected charities, with me controlling the efficiency the money is spent 2) $150 million of the money would go to selected health research, with me controlling the efficiency the money is spent 3) $250 million of the money would go into poverty and health & wellbeing of children in needs in Australia with me controlling the efficiency of spending this money 4) $100 million of the money would go into promotion of special talents and education for people in needs I am in controll of distribution 5) $50 million of the money I would distribute to my entire family to make sure they have never to work again (Me included). Point 1 to 4 would give me full voluntary employment and full satisfaction for the rest of my life.
hi my first thing i always wanted to do is travel all over u.s by car and see it all this would be on top me list
no matter wot people say about him, he had talent and was a gifted performer, one of a kind that is rare and unique to this industry, he will always be MICHAEL JACKSON dead or alive, none other will ever take his place... peace to you Michael.
Awww michael is the best,, i bought so much memrobillia.. im so upset he past away.. i so wish i could have seen him live in concert.. he definitly made the world a better place and made music come to live.. if only he couldnt have been with us longer.. Love You Michael xx
Finally our King of Pop may rest in peice, making his money, that no one can accuse him of any atrocites, and trying to get his money. RIP Micheal Your a Legend.......Helen

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