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Friday, September 12 — Sunday, September 14


Everything you need to know about Brangelina's wedding

The world's most beautiful couple have (finally) tied the knot. Here's everything you need to know about the most anticipated wedding ever. Fashion insiders you need to be following on Instagram Jessica Gomes on style and wardrobe favourites Vote for your favourite blogger of the year


Chill chihuahua winds down with head massage

If you're looking for a way to relax after a long week we'd recommend you try a head and neck massage to help you prepare for Monday, when it starts all over again. It looks like it works for this puppy. Females largely ignored in basic medical research Boy tells off mum for getting pregnant Mesmerising boy dominates wedding dance floor


'Vegetable glow' is sexier than a suntan

As legend would have it, Coco Chanel is famous for more than just fashion — in her day, a suntan was considered largely unattractive (gasp!), but while yachting in Cannes in the early 1920s, the designer caught a little too much sun, returning home with an enviable bronzed glow. How your home can tell scientists who you are Have we got the cause of depression all wrong? Babbling with your baby speeds up language development


Gluten-free recipes

From hearty slaws and easy salads, to roast dinners and hot curries, here are some of our favourite gluten-free recipes. Magnificent meals with meatballs Take your sandwich game to another level Tomatoes cut prostate cancer risk


Emma Stone debuts new bob

Spidey's girl stepped out in a choppy new 'do, but she's not the only one hopping on this big hair trend... Is your wrokout killing you? Why a plant based diet is good for your health 5 ways to kick cellulite's butt


How to alter your eating plan to suit your growing baby

Before you were pregnant, you probably got by with some simple food know-how, usually along the lines of eat more fruit and veg, drink plenty of water and stay away from the hot chips and family packs of chocolate. How to spot and treat eczema, cradle cap and nappy rash Chinese sex prediction chart The A to Z of parenting