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Les Misérables

Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne — on now
Crown Theatre, WA from January 12, 2015


Shark vs. eel battle

Sharks are terrifying. Eels are terrifying. So watching them fight to the death is a little bit like watching Godzilla battle Mothra. Baby elephant squeezes into plane Puppy meets baby monkey Meet the internet's saddest cat


Is apple cider vinegar the new coconut oil?

The latest all-natural beauty tonic gaining momentum for its versatility and beauty benefits. Is your wrokout killing you? Why a plant based diet is good for your health 5 ways to kick cellulite's butt


The genius trick to feed your baby

If your babies weren't as obedient as this bub when it came to eating their dinner, watch how this Dad pulls a sneaky move to convince his daughter to eat her vegies... How to support a grieving mum 10 celebrity dads with their babies How to support a grieving mum